Over the past sixteen years, photography has become an important part of my life. I love exploring the world with my camera and sharing my pictures. I have enjoyed a long and winding road on my photographic journey. My first foray in image making was in high school where I shot black and white film on a Pentax K-1000. After high school I took a fifteen year hiatus from photography. It wasn't until about 2000 that I rekindled my love affair with the camera. I started with a Canon Rebel that turned into a Canon Elan 7 that eventually ended with an EOS 3. I still have the EOS 3, but I have not used it since I changed over to digital in 2003. My road on the digital photography highway was very much like my journey in film. I started with a Canon 10D, progressed to the 20D, 5D and 5DMark II. 

Then in 2013 I bought a Fuji XE-1. I fell in love with the Fuji camera and lenses and have not looked back. I now shoot with a Fuji XT-1 and XE-2 with an assortment of lenses. I love the size of the system and the quality of the images. My main photographic interests are travel and landscape photography and I like to shoot both color and black and white images. My influences are Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, Cole Thompson, Joel Tjintjelaar, and Bruce Percy.